Just because

January 20th, 2006, 2:47 PM by Goddess


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I mean, how often do you have a chance to see a photo of yourself with a vibrator on the tip of your nose? 😉

This was at a sex toy party at my house on a birthday that came and went last year. I ended up getting into “the business” myself because it was so much fun, but those f’ers kicked me out due to — get this — inactivity back in June. LOL. Sad, eh?

In any event, when going into “those kinds of stores” for “those kinds of products,” it has been found that by feeling the sensation on the tip of your nose, it gives you a pretty good indication of how it will feel, um, elsewhere.

That toy and I have been friends ever since. 😉

It’s what’s for dinner

January 15th, 2006, 7:22 PM by Goddess

It’s What’s for Dinner

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You know how you can’t resist opening up the fridge and cabinets when you’re hungry, even though you just KNOW you have no food? Well, this is what I see when I open up my freezer.

I kid you not, there’s two regular Skyy vodkas, a Citrus Skyy, Irish Mist, Kahlua, Tangueray, Absolut Peppar, Creme de Menthe, Bacardi Rum, Captain Morgan spiced rum, Sour Apple schnapps, Hazlenut schnapps, Wilderberry schnapps, Cuervo, Grand Mariner, Amaretto, two little things of Chambord, Goldschlager and raspberry vodka and vanilla vodka. YUMMY!

Yank out brain, throw to floor, stomp three times, re-insert

January 13th, 2006, 11:13 AM by Goddess


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This is Dawn. This is Dawn after a two-hour commute last night and four hours of sleep before gettin’ up to do it all over again. This (the photo) is where I wish I were right at this very moment.

Since y’all asked

January 10th, 2006, 7:45 AM by Goddess


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Why yes, I DO have a Flickr account. And one of these days, I’ll actually put more than a handful of photos in it. So, subscribe to my feed if you wish, and add me as a friend or whatever so I can see your life through your photo albums too. 🙂

I swear people exist solely for my mocking purposes

September 22nd, 2005, 6:14 AM by Goddess

OK, so I had full intentions on not eating at all today, given my recent diet of, well, anything BUT diet foods. But alas, lightheadedness got the better of me and I ran out to Jerry’s Subs for a sammich.

Big whoop, right — I’ve lost most of you by now. *snooze*

But wait; there’s more.

So my number was 461. My number was called. Everyone knew the order was mine — there were all of three people waiting to pick up their food, and the counter workers didn’t exactly suffer from short-term memory loss — they knew I had ordered said culinary delight and tried to reach out the bag for me to grab it.

But, alas, someone else wanted my sammich even more than I did.

Some woman, who was about a head shorter than me, dashed in front of me and tried to grab for the bag that the (very tall) man behind the counter was trying to extend to me. We looked quizically at each other and at her. He repeated, “This is order 461.” But did she care? Not a whit. She still kept grabbing for it, and he kept raising the bag higher and higher.

She was mad, too. She was like jumping up and shit. Never mind that I had the fucking CLAIM TICKET for it! I woulda been HAPPY to part with it if she would have given me the retail price of it!

I reached over her head and got my sub from the guy, resisting the urge to bop her over the head with it.

And damn, that sammich was good. Mmm, sammich. …



Seen over at Irk’s, remember Kanye West’s shot heard ’round the world? Well, here it is, remixed.

(Note: You’ve got to be familiar with the beat of “Gold Digger” before you can truly appreciate it.)

Stream it, steal it, cross-post it, loot it — whatever ya call it, just listen to it.

And preferably not at work. 😉

Funny how I didn’t even KNOW of Kanye before that — now I have two albums’ worth of his songs.

Non sequitur

September 15th, 2005, 8:09 AM by Goddess

From this month’s T-Shirt Hell newsletter:

“Kanye West said that President Bush doesn’t care about black people. I think this was an incredibly insensitive statement. It was especially hurtful to the hundreds of millions of other people the president doesn’t care about.”


And from the lovely Swirl-a-licious one, if the media says it, IT MUST BE TRUE!

‘Heard It in a Love Song’

August 23rd, 2005, 8:39 PM by Dawn

During my 95-minute drive home, I promised myself I wouldn’t blog till I had something witty or happy to report.

So, see ya next year, right? LOL

But seriously, I have been on this quest to make the perfect CD. I’ve put it through about 47 incarnations since May, and I still don’t have it down yet. But I keep trying. 🙂 Today I wasn’t feeling it, because it’s predominantly concupiscent (that’s for you, Ted!) and that wasn’t exactly my driving mood.

But listening to the few sappy songs I liked at the time of the last CD burning, it occurred to me that I’ve never really had those “our song” types of tunes in my world. Don’t get me wrong — I’ll hear a song now and again and associate it with a time in my life or with someone from that time, but not intentionally — I don’t make “mix tapes” for that purpose anymore. LOL. But I’ve always loved when people told me that they heard a song and thought I’d love it and/or always think of me when it pops up, even if I didn’t care for said song in and of itself otherwise.

I’ve been aware that associating a song with someone would eventually come back to bite me as, let’s face it, more people than not drop out of our lives. And even if it’s good riddance to be done with them, it blows to have them pop into our minds. Like, I was once told rather snottily by someone, years down the road, that he couldn’t stand hearing Bon Jovi because he will forever associate that band with me. Heh. Well, all the shitty bands HE liked evaporated 10 years ago, so I can’t say that I have occasion to reminisce over the bile in my throat like he does.

But I also don’t have any songs that come to mind that make me feel giggly and stupid and remembering better days, either. Or maybe that’s because my better days have yet to HAPPEN.

And don’t think I won’t have a few songs handy for when those days arrive. 😉

On iTunes: Gina Rene, “U Must Be”

In need of a ‘play day’

August 23rd, 2005, 8:00 AM by Dawn

Do you ever have a day where you want to call off and play with your blog all day? I’m working on moving this page back to its original home (yay Tiff for conquering my server! Farging PHP switch — seriously, I can set up a MySQL database but not know to flick a switch), but it’s gonna take awhile. Unless, of course, I rush home and don’t get any sleep tonight in favor of template-building — which is entirely possible.

I might keep Maddie on Blogger, but I’m moving on to WordPress. Other than the install not being as easy as they claimed, it’s ridiculously simple to use. Like, so simple that OF COURSE I’d screw it up. 😉

On iTunes: Garbage, “Cup of Coffee”

Home again

August 22nd, 2005, 10:02 PM by Goddess

So here I am, back at Caterwauling. *sniffle* I’ll move my Goddess Dawn blog back here at some point soon, so hang tight and see me there in the interim. Feels good to be home!

Happy drunk

August 21st, 2005, 2:20 AM by Dawn


Spent last night with Three-Buck Chuck. Tonight? Had LOTS of good shit. How I drove 32 miles successfully? Beyond me. Really.

Afraid to blog more, I am incoherent and folks have finally realized that the nutjob with the “IBlog” plates happens to be moi. *waves* Welcome to the abyss, boys!

Admittedly, I’ll miss those Virginia plates when I move to Maryland. But then again, I won’t have to drink-and-drive so freaking far. But Mary-Land — UGH!!!

No lectures, kids. I’ll be hatin’ myself in just a few hours. But that Silver Oak red wine? To fucking DIE for.

Mornings. Hurt.


Where the hell did I park my car?!?!

On iTunes: Ivy, “Let’s Go to Bed”