Hermit year

January 18th, 2022, 6:54 AM by Goddess

It’s a Hermit year for me. I mean, it’s been a Hermit decade so far. But I’m finally ready to embrace what the solitude holds

What the witch doctor ordered

April 23rd, 2021, 10:33 PM by Goddess

Sleeping with Jasper.


Er … On it!

30-day writing challenge: List 5 places you want to visit

May 15th, 2020, 9:44 PM by Goddess

Ross Dress for Less, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, the Disney Wedding Pavilion and Delmonico’s.

I asked a friend for a random writing prompt instead of this one. She said how about you write why you are having trouble with this prompt.

Well, then. *rolls up sleeves, takes off crystal bracelets*

I have a magnificent list of places yet unseen. I made it during a new moon last year. These destinations are mystical and magical. Like me.

But why share this list for others to mock or, worse, try to beat me there? Ergo, my block.

Now I say, go for it, if that’s their thing. They’ll never have the best travel companion — me.

Now for my list.

My coven and I had big plans to take a girls’ trip to a witch town this summer. There’s a haunted hotel where our leader stayed that freaked even her out. Spirits haven’t bothered me (yet; they at least leave when you ask them to, unlike the living) so I’d really like to see if I’d be able to pick up the paranormal activity.

We had another, bigger trip in mind for next year, to visit a witch town a little further away. It’s about two hours from where my “sister” lives, so double bonus. Triple bonus that I can work from wherever I please now.

Also, I want to go home. Home-home. To both homes. So this is a two-fer. Not just for a weekend or a week. Like, I want to drive north and keep on going. Don’t look for me for a month. I just don’t know how to keep all my kitties fed when the only friend I had in the area, isn’t.

Basically my fifth destination is all the rest rolled in one. All the trips I was supposed to take for work. We had a big bonfire planned way up north, so I could meet the state (and my fellow employees) without 17 layers of clothes. Several of these people live abroad, so I was really looking forward to getting some culture in my white bread life.

I’m thinking of getting carseats and strapping in all the kitties, and doing an East Coast driving tour.

I think my familiar, Cocoa, would call shotgun …

Just as long as it isn’t another trip to the vet. God it was so hard releasing her back into the wild. Would she ever trust me again?

My other broom is a car

April 7th, 2020, 9:08 PM by Goddess

Was sitting in the car with Mom, admiring the full pink moon.

Neighbor walks up and asks, “Does your license frame really say, ‘My other broom is a car’?”

I laughed but she was serious and looked nervous. I said yeah, it really says my other car is a broom.

She whispered, “Are you a witch?”

I didn’t feel like that answer should be yes.

Fellow witches recognize magic in each other. If she didn’t see mine, it wasn’t her fault. She just wasn’t meant to.

Same with children of the moon. I am attuned. That’s all I need to know.

Happy pink supermoon in Libra, witch-bitches!

This full moon is in Libra, the only zodiac sign without a heartbeat. Libra is scales, justice, balance, temperance. Act thoughtfully and justly. This month, understand and decide on a relationship — is there compromise or are your wants and their wants uneven, and can it be fixed?

Putting the ‘man’ in manifest

March 12th, 2020, 2:56 PM by Goddess

I keep getting the Ace of Cups. Like, on three different days with three different decks.

Is the universe trying to tell me something?

In any event, I met a fellow publisher for lunch at a place where I take all my besties.

A good looking guy got in line behind us. He said hi. I figured it was to my friend because she works nearby. She said hi and we kept talking.

A few minutes later, I looked back at this hottie. Damn.

What? Oh. Anyway.

I said to my friend,you know this guy? She said no.

I looked at him. “J?”

He said, “I thought that was you. I tried to say hi but you turned your back to me.”


In any event, we chatted and have moved on to emailing.

Small world, maybe. But I think it’s a big one. And how cool when we get to cross the great divides it puts in our way sometimes.

Cooler still when the hottie is trying to get your attention and not your friend’s!

Where there’s a witch, there’s a way

March 8th, 2020, 7:00 AM by Goddess

So I got to tell the person the thing.

Not in person. Via a dream.

I’ve gotten messages this way before. This was my first time sending one.

I just hope it was received.

Never thought the day would come that I couldn’t pick up a phone and talk to this person.

But I can send love and light and healing and information any old time I please.

I’ll never not care.

And I don’t need someone to be in my corner for me to be in theirs.

ETA: Whoa, I forgot I wrote this:

My new moon ritual, let me show you it

February 24th, 2020, 4:54 PM by Goddess

Tealight and tourmaline isn’t too far off from what I did last night.

The new moon in Pisces is the last one of the cycle.

This is a weird new moon because it’s in Mercury retrograde. Which surprisingly hasn’t bothered me that much this time around.

It’ll be a weird full moon too. I’ve been advised not to charge my crystals under the Rx full moon. I don’t know why but hey, my life is on a good path and I’m not taking any chances.

In any event, the Pisces new moon is one where love and money is on our minds.

This is one for not just specific intentions (name the person you love, or the dollar amount you want, etc.) … but also you do NOT want to name any NEW intentions.

So basically, the new moon in Pisces (and Rx) is one for manifesting your OLD desires and goals.

It’s for deciding who and what to commit to. Again, specifically.

I might or might not have looked like the meme above.

Easiest new moon ritual ever — gather all the intentions you wrote down last year that haven’t yet been fulfilled.

Looking back over my spell books over the past year, I was pleased at just how many of mine came into being.

Almost like I reaped the rewards just for writing them down.

I came up with 37 intentions that haven’t manifested yet. But lots were moonshots, so I’m not worried.

I’m surprised how many moon landings I made last year too, just for asking for them.

I wish I could share my intentions here. But that’s the thing about intentions. I’m asking for mine for my own good and the good of those around me. Some folks miss that step.

But I will reveal Intention 36: to never think of HC again. To reclaim that time. And I wrote how I plan to reclaim that time.

Look at me, getting zen and organized and shit.

This moon magic is working already!

Trapeze tarot

February 24th, 2020, 7:27 AM by Goddess

I just switched jobs and I realize what an economic privilege that is.

I say that because I pulled this card today, the Ace of Pentacles / Coins reversed. And once again, the tarot clearly can read my mind …

Ace of Coins reversed = scarcity mindset, potentially missing out due to fear, or a new financial opportunity falling through. Save your coins and don’t get in over your head.

Over the years, I’ve been afraid of being let go. For financial reasons or a jerk with a grudge creating problems and employers needing peace too.

But I’ve been even more terrified of applying for something, getting it … and having to live 1-3 weeks without a payday.

Then you have to worry whether the new place even has the money to pay you. Or whether you were just a shiny new trade and it’s First In, First Out when they hit rough waters. Or if you are even a fit in the first place.

In any event, I say this as someone who just collected her last paycheck at her beloved job and gets her first shiny new check at the end of this week.

A trapeze artist, as it were, leaving the swing and tumbling midair — waiting for that next bar to meet my hands.

And it’s fine.

I have savings. I have a brokerage account. I have a 401(k). Plus a mattress stash that’s supposed to be for a couch but I just haven’t felt secure enough to commit to one yet. After a year. But who’s counting, really?

But hey. You know what a scarcity mindset manifests as? Scarcity!

In other words, I’m fine. I’ll be fine. Hopefully for a long, long time.

But damn, that scarcity mindset is a bigger foe than a guy driving around your neighborhood with a Jason Voorhies mask.

Please let this weirdo be on his way to Mar-a-Lago.

In any event, how many people decide NOT to make the leap because they’re afraid to take a financial risk like this?

Money provides such freedom.

I’d like a little more of that freedom.

A lot more.

I bet my life would be a lot different now if they knew how much freedom I plan to secure … and soon.

The shiny new work-from-home job is GREAT … except for the CONSTANT CONSTRUCTION here at the Rock of Fraggles.

I’m temped to lease a second apartment till this shit gets done. At the very least, to secure a co-working space. Although that’s terrible to leave mom here while I go get some damn peace.

Again, it’s nice to have options. And lots of them.

New moon in Pisces

February 23rd, 2020, 3:18 PM by Goddess

Trying to learn anything about anything on Teh Intarwebz has been a source of frustration.

So I’ll create my own witchy little database right here.

Treadmill tarot

February 23rd, 2020, 2:44 PM by Goddess

I think the Two of Wands can also be the Trader Card.

Trader Tarot. Should totally be A Thing.

You have a hard choice to make about something you’ve invested in. What you have isn’t working for you. Inspiration abounds. The world beckons. Write your plans. Trade out, trade up, double down or go to cash and breathe?