‘Heard It in a Love Song’

During my 95-minute drive home, I promised myself I wouldn’t blog till I had something witty or happy to report.

So, see ya next year, right? LOL

But seriously, I have been on this quest to make the perfect CD. I’ve put it through about 47 incarnations since May, and I still don’t have it down yet. But I keep trying. 🙂 Today I wasn’t feeling it, because it’s predominantly concupiscent (that’s for you, Ted!) and that wasn’t exactly my driving mood.

But listening to the few sappy songs I liked at the time of the last CD burning, it occurred to me that I’ve never really had those “our song” types of tunes in my world. Don’t get me wrong — I’ll hear a song now and again and associate it with a time in my life or with someone from that time, but not intentionally — I don’t make “mix tapes” for that purpose anymore. LOL. But I’ve always loved when people told me that they heard a song and thought I’d love it and/or always think of me when it pops up, even if I didn’t care for said song in and of itself otherwise.

I’ve been aware that associating a song with someone would eventually come back to bite me as, let’s face it, more people than not drop out of our lives. And even if it’s good riddance to be done with them, it blows to have them pop into our minds. Like, I was once told rather snottily by someone, years down the road, that he couldn’t stand hearing Bon Jovi because he will forever associate that band with me. Heh. Well, all the shitty bands HE liked evaporated 10 years ago, so I can’t say that I have occasion to reminisce over the bile in my throat like he does.

But I also don’t have any songs that come to mind that make me feel giggly and stupid and remembering better days, either. Or maybe that’s because my better days have yet to HAPPEN.

And don’t think I won’t have a few songs handy for when those days arrive. 😉

On iTunes: Gina Rene, “U Must Be”

One Lonely Response to ‘Heard It in a Love Song’

  1. Pratt :

    your posts are always witty and interesting that’s why i read you first thing every day.