Just because


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I mean, how often do you have a chance to see a photo of yourself with a vibrator on the tip of your nose? 😉

This was at a sex toy party at my house on a birthday that came and went last year. I ended up getting into “the business” myself because it was so much fun, but those f’ers kicked me out due to — get this — inactivity back in June. LOL. Sad, eh?

In any event, when going into “those kinds of stores” for “those kinds of products,” it has been found that by feeling the sensation on the tip of your nose, it gives you a pretty good indication of how it will feel, um, elsewhere.

That toy and I have been friends ever since. 😉

4 Responses to Just because

  1. Erica :

    The one and only time I attended one of these “parties” was in college. There’s still a photo floating around amongst that group of friends of one girl with a dick strapped to her chin. Hilarious.

    Tip of your nose, eh? Good to know.

  2. Janet :

    Wow two sex related posts back to back. We know what’s on YOUR mind.

  3. trouble :

    i’m really scared to ever go to one of those toy parties because sex toys scare the *crap* out of me, i’ve only owned one vibrator and my ex-husband broke it because he was afraid his job would be automated out of existence.

  4. sonderweg :


    work it girl!