Happy drunk


Spent last night with Three-Buck Chuck. Tonight? Had LOTS of good shit. How I drove 32 miles successfully? Beyond me. Really.

Afraid to blog more, I am incoherent and folks have finally realized that the nutjob with the “IBlog” plates happens to be moi. *waves* Welcome to the abyss, boys!

Admittedly, I’ll miss those Virginia plates when I move to Maryland. But then again, I won’t have to drink-and-drive so freaking far. But Mary-Land — UGH!!!

No lectures, kids. I’ll be hatin’ myself in just a few hours. But that Silver Oak red wine? To fucking DIE for.

Mornings. Hurt.


Where the hell did I park my car?!?!

On iTunes: Ivy, “Let’s Go to Bed”

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