30-ish reunion

October 2nd, 2022, 10:36 AM by Goddess

I don’t miss my high school friends. But for 10 minutes today, I missed the way we would snark and plan to leave town and never look back.

Last night was our class reunion. It took 10 minutes to go through all the posts and photos. And about 30 minutes to unroll my eyes from the top of my head at the comments.

I didn’t really know anyone, so I’m happy I didn’t move heaven and earth to attend.

My town didn’t have a high school, so we had to go to the next town over. It was clear only two people from my side of the tracks were there. And they were the organizers.

I couldn’t tell you, even with name tags, who those other people were. Other than “I’s leakin’, Miss Kirby!” I forgot about that till now. Wish I could un-remember.

The two organizers teach first grade and university. So that explains how they managed to deal with all the inane questions and comments, before AND after the event.

I was particularly, ah, surprised that a friend of mine who didn’t go is commenting on every single post. Like, we all knew we had zero intention of going. The “oh sorry I couldn’t make it” on every post wasn’t necessary. Nor was the cool shit they were supposedly doing during it.

What else annoyed me. Oh yeah the “we had to leave early to get up early.” (The event ended at 8.) The “my kids had sports and dance” excuse. The “I’m going to a wedding; can we have another event tomorrow.” The “I can’t attend on Saturdays in October but any other month works.” And a few other random, “Can we move the event and/or plan other events around the same time.”

Watching the reunion was better than attending it!

Anyway, it looks like the girls pulled off a nice party. Which is what I wanted for them. Maybe if they have 20 years to recover from this one, they’ll feel like planning the 50th. Lord knows none of the rest of us would.

One comment from the reunion chat made it really all worthwhile for me.

A gal I am friends with IRL said oh looks so nice. Hope everyone had a wonderful time.

Two girls said we missed you. My friend said, “I missed you two.”

In other words, not a soul else.

And this is why we are friends!

At least, two or three people said what a lovely party, everyone looks great and glad yinz had fun. Not surprisingly, they are all Democrats. I liked their posts. That was it.

As for my day, I hit a farmer’s market nearby for some apple cider donuts, hit five Ross stores in Broward, and avoided people all over who wouldn’t piss on me if I was on fire. No regrets here.