Chariot, deux

December 7th, 2022, 8:56 AM by Goddess

Since the tarot advent calendar is five years old, I checked my December tarot scope for inspiration.

And I found plenty.

“A horoscope that tells you to expect a happy ending without doing any work to get there is a silly thing to read right now. You are so much smarter than that.

“Lately, any happiness you’ve enjoyed has been hard-won. A dash of grief glimmers in all the joy you experience — that’s how you know it’s real.

“This month, dream up the happiest ending for the year you can muster. Then, do all that you can, within your ability, to get there. Let the rest go as best as you can.”

Dream up the happiest ending for the year you can muster.

TBH, finishing four projects would be ideal. Alas, I got smacked in the face with six more when I returned to work on Monday.

I’ll have to think on that one, since I should have started working an hour ago.

Dec 7 – The Chariot – Slowly Walking Down the Hall / Faster Than a Cannonball

December 7th, 2022, 8:50 AM by Goddess

On the seventh day of December, the tarot advent calendar said to me …

Imagine, or draw, a little map of your travels and the ground you’ve gained (this year). Because you have, you know.

I see that this series was written in 2017. One of my favorite seers had posted it like it was something new. So maybe I’ll do my own tarot advent calendar. One day.

Anyway, The Chariot is the card of the day. And the action is to think about how far you’ve come this year.

I was just in the shower thinking about how work totally thwarts the concept of free will.

Like, I have two vats of Oxy. Not that I would ever take an opioid. But, you know, I’m in pain from some recent surgery.

Although I have the choice to take it, I can’t. I am already moving in slow motion after two weeks away. How could I impair myself further?

Same with just realizing I need something from a store. I mean, I could go but then I’d be stuck working late and still not being caught up. And getting more emails about shit I owed HR back in April, sigh.

What I was really thinking about when I got the Chariot is how I feel like I will always be a well-paid worker bee. I have opportunities to show leadership and do some serious project management. But then I slide into editing projects and accommodating the marketing geniuses.

How have I moved forward, then? By brute force.

That’s not the Chariot. You can liken the Chariot to being on a people mover. Depending on the deck, the sphinxes (or other animal) in the front are chill. They aren’t galloping. They’re cruising. And so is the dude in the little Pope-mobile behind them.

In other words, wherever you are going, you’re going to get there whether you panic or not.

That’s how I drive 95. I’ve had many colleagues pass me on the highway and say how slow they think I drive.

But then a funny thing happens … I arrive at the same time as them. No lane-changing. No flooring it then slamming on the brakes.

TL;DR – They’re stressed and I’m happily thinking about what I learned on the podcast that I was listening to.

Let your mind wander to the places you wish to go in (2023), the people you want to get closer to, the new/reconnections you’d like to forge.

Whoever they are, I don’t know them yet. I look at these Zoom screens every day and really wonder why I feel inconsequential to a couple of them.

Like, dude, I am a freaking GODDESS. Magic runs through my veins. Everything I emit from my mind and mouth is pure sunshine. Y’all should be clamoring for MY favor.

I need more magic in my life. More magical people. More magical things and experiences.

They’ve noticed I gravitate to the magical people and projects in our orbit. It has been mentioned to me that this has not gone unnoticed.

I guess that was a message to spend more time on the lesser ones. But I have never been shy about wanting to hang with the stars.

It’s because I am a star.

And it’s high time I remembered how to fucking act like it.