Say what now?! 

July 17th, 2017, 2:36 PM by Goddess

There’s someone here who has had it out for me from day one. 

Or maybe not. I don’t really know. Maybe they just didn’t like me or care that I’m alive. 

Either way, really. Doesn’t matter to me. 

But …

Instead of things I do or don’t say getting back to this person, the opposite happened. 

This person told a whole bunch of people that “(Goddess) could run that (massive entanglement of ongoing insanity) blindfolded.”


I know I’ll never hear it directly from this person. But that’s OK. Just knowing they think it is reward enough. 

Smile because it happened

July 13th, 2017, 8:25 AM by Goddess

Got a text yesterday from someone I’ve been a bit mad at. And I realized I’m not mad anymore. Life has gone on. Funny how that happens sometimes. Never gonna be BFFs again but that’s ok. Saying hi every couple millennia is just fine by me.  Happy to say I can. 


July 12th, 2017, 6:25 AM by Goddess

I never have the right words at the exact moment I need them. 

A guy ran his dog into the ducks I was feeding. I flipped out and he was so defensive, he made it seem like my fault. 

My fear at him siccing that foul beast on me or mom kept me from really reading him off. But boy do I have a thousand snappy comebacks … now. 

Same for getting a message kicked off with “poor me.” Followed with a lie. And punctuated by an accusation. 

My instant mental reply was “read that back and you’ll have all the answers you need.” My actual reply, to move on with my day. 

Among many responses in my brain is that I ruined a good thing to choose that instead. I’d give anything to go back to that concert that I ended up spending focused on my phone. Ignoring the good thing I had right there with me, for what I didn’t ask for. And how the latter monopolized my time and how I allowed it to. 

How if I could do it all over again … I just wouldn’t

Hot hot hot

July 11th, 2017, 4:39 PM by Goddess

My AC unit punked out.

The AC in the car punked out a year ago.

And the ice maker’s been dead for at least two years.

So, it’s been a laugh a minute around here.

I just paid a guy $100 to basically wipe up four drops of water and restart my thermostat.

He needs a second guy with him because my actual unit is up on the roof. With the units of 299 other apartments. So good luck figuring out if he can find, and fix, this one. But that’s an adventure for another day.

I didn’t bother my landlord because the last time I did, there was a riot. And I got a new lease with about a $100/month bump up in the rent.

He lost his mind that I paid for a repair over $100 that his dim-witted, holy-rolling brother-in-law or whatever could have done for $99. (In Florida, tenants have to pay for repairs up to $100.) Honestly I wasn’t going to tell him about this, no matter what the cost. And even though there may be more, I’ll eat it.

The ice maker, for what it’s worth, will be a $300 repair. I hope he doesn’t take it out of my security deposit. But then he’d also have to take the fact that none of the blinds work … that the electricity doesn’t work in mom’s room at all … the 10 years’ worth of crap in the carpets … the drain that doesn’t drain … the DOA dishwasher … the bleach the whore before me spilled under the sink … and those ceiling marks I made with baseball bats and other various sharp objects to make the Thundercunts shut up.

Yeah I bet that’ll eat up the $3,000 he’s sitting on of mine.

In any event, I need to get out of this place before I actually sweat off a pound or something.


July 10th, 2017, 3:49 PM by Goddess

I don’t dream much. Mostly because I don’t SLEEP much. But I did get a cat nap in around 4 a.m. and boy was it great.

Dreamed that the original three Mouseketeers were reunited at work. S&P (not to be confused with Standard & Poor’s) and I got the band back together for a big project.

Nicholas and Angel and Andrew and Marci and Sean and Jesse were all in an office with us, buzzing about. I think even Matt showed up late and went out for a cigarette and was never seen again. But Shern came in from paradise. Even “Linus” flew in from the Left Coast because this was so monumental.

Don’t know that it has any special meaning.

Things were never perfect, and certainly nothing to be mourned for too long a time.

It was just nice to remember some really cool people who made me smile at one time or another.