I don’t know how else to put it

May 1st, 2015, 3:01 PM by Goddess

Let’s see. Concert starts at 9:30 p.m. It will take a half-hour to drive there and another half-hour to park and walk.

Odds of being done with today’s workload by 8 p.m.? Pretty low.

Odds of me missing this concert? Even lower.

As I had the opportunity to help bring three promising individuals onto our team this week, I got to thinking about the last round.

I honestly believe everyone has a talent. Even if that talent is watching, learning and mimicking.

That’s not a talent we’re working with.

What I struggle with is that when people just don’t understand things, they don’t understand that YOU don’t understand them the same way they do.

Like, I’m sitting here seeing a sentence that was submitted pretty much as “The sky is blue during the daytime.”

Fine. Readable enough.

But if the first law of editorial is “do not introduce error,” I smell a life sentence for this:

The interpretation is essentially, “Cornflower is the essence of the nighttime because daytime is blue.”

And you know me. I have to rage. And then I shut down. And then I put up my “away” message and solve the problem.

Which is mostly that everyone knows the damn sky is blue so why even include it?

In any event. Someone made mention that things will be this way for a long time. And I died. Absolutely, utterly, crushingly died.

Silly fool

April 30th, 2015, 5:46 PM by Goddess

Gotta love catching people in lies.

I never say anything.

But damn it, I know.

No wonder they surround themselves with dumb people and make it their personal mission to destroy the smart ones.

I used to think I’d rather play dumb than be dumb. But I’m beginning to think the latter are happier in their bliss …

Hump day (now with glasses on my face)

April 29th, 2015, 5:23 PM by Goddess

Wow my attempt at typing this while I ordered a bacon sandwich was pretty awful. (Although the sandwich was delicious.)

Let’s try this again.


Big things are happening today. 

And nobody else got the memo. 

I’m dodging just about everybody. Except the gal who helps me. She’s awesome.

I gave her some projects that she could choose to delegate. She said no. Faster to just do them herself.

I know the feeling.

Now I am avoiding people who trusted me.

What I need is for them to get the hint that was sent to them.

And I look like a twit in the meantime.

Unfortunately, I probably won’t lose that title for a long time to come even after clarity is reached.

A 9:30 exit is looking like a pipe dream. And now that I learned I have to be there before 8:30, well, fukkitbucket.


April 29th, 2015, 9:37 AM by Goddess

So I’m sitting in the handbasket, with rocket fuel in the tank.

Someone’s standing nearby with a flamethrower.

And shit’s going to get real when they figure out how to use it.

I expect that will happen within the hour.

So I’m taking this final quiet moment to ponder something.

All I have to say is this.

I have plans at 9:30 p.m. Yes, a school night.

I’d better be on time, damn it.

Hope the handbasket is intact enough to get me there.

I can feel my IQ starting to recover

April 28th, 2015, 7:10 PM by Goddess

So we’re hiring. Four people, all told, this round. 

I extended the first offer tonight. 

Tomorrow, another. And two more projects to assign to two others to possibly hire at a later date. 

Mom said don’t hire anyone smart. Wouldn’t want them to outshine me. 

I said yeah, because THAT strategy works out so well.  I’d rather hire people who make me better than make me dumber. 

I’ve been delegating a bit to a great gal we picked up recently. Including being my anti-Anger Translator. 

And today she, the nicest person on earth, is like how do you deal with people who can’t follow simple instructions? 

And that’s why you keep hiring the smartest people you can find. So you don’t want to quit or to lose your prized people when they are ready to give up, too.