‘Every good witch needs a black cat’

December 4th, 2021, 6:54 AM by Goddess

The last time I went to the animal shelter, it was when Kadie crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2018.

Yesterday, in true circle-of-life fashion, I took Magic there to get fixed.

After I saw the door marked Rainbow Bridge and walked past it to the clinic entrance, I was done for.

Another lady was crying too. Beans, her brand-new kitten, was also going into surgery.

A lady rolled out a library book cart and took our babies, along with one other lady’s named Cocoa, to see if they were cleared for surgery.

I breathed a little sigh of relief. Magic would be with another Cocoa. It was a sign.

Beans’ mom looked at me. “Magic? Is that your baby?” I said yes.

She finally smiled. “I have a Magic at home! He’s a black cat like yours. Every good witch needs a black cat,” she said, looking at the triquetra around my neck.

I asked if she was a foster mom, since she had that loving air about her that most the cat colony keepers do. She said no, Beans was a surprise from her husband. He had been at a friend’s house and Beans ran right over to him and head butted him and wouldn’t leave him. So, she chose him.

Magic and Beans are tributes to Jack & the Beanstalk.

I said Magic found me too. I used to feed a colony at Target (where I met Cocoa) till someone reported us and we were forced out. They told me who reported me. So, hey, thanks for starving some sweet kitties!

In any event, I was on the phone with that same person’s spouse on July 28 (yes, the one who got me in trouble) and I could not find my car in the Ross parking lot.

Magic appeared at my feet and played and danced while we talked.

I hung up and said, “You wanna go home with me, kid?” He galloped on his tiny little legs behind me to my car that was miraculously behind me.

After the nice lady and I swapped stories, the kitties were all given the all-clear. She started crying again, and I said, “It’s a sign that Beans will be with my Magic.”

She said yes, such a good sign. I can’t wait to tell my husband.

We exchanged the “wonderful to meet yous” and we were off.

I picked up Magic at the designated time and asked how Beans did. She was already on her way home, as her mom arrived a half-hour early because she couldn’t wait to get her baby back.

(Meanwhile I’m like should I go to Ross beforehand; I’m such a delight. I didn’t, though!)

Anyway, it was a quiet day without Magic. And quieter still with thoughts of Kadie in my head all day.

We called Kadie Beanie. Beanie Cottontrini.

In a lot of ways, I wish I hadn’t asked permission to have pandemic pets. (Oh there’s an end date? Haha don’t think so.)

But I would have always wondered about these babies if I hadn’t.

I wonder if meeting Beans was Kadie saying it’s ok, Momma. You can love other kitties too.

Thank you, Kadie.

Now if they would only love each other, that’d be perfect!