My lil Cocoa-nut came back, trois

February 11th, 2024, 6:59 AM by Goddess

If spirits come to me in my dreams, I don’t always remember that they’ve passed and that this visitation is a gift.

Like, I usually wake up and I’m like, I should have told xx that I love them or asked them that question.

Anyway, I was in another of my psychedelic new-moon dreams a couple hours ago. Cocoa walked in. And I KNEW this was a BIG DEAL!

Anytime Cocoa entered a room, Mom and I would say, “Everyone knows it’s Cocoa!” Yes, we thought of Slinky, as she would slink in and wait patiently for me to get my shit together. (She literally died waiting for that. Anyway.)

When I saw her in the dream, I said, “Everyone knows it’s Cocoa!”

And she smiled in her Cocoa big-smile way.

I don’t really have a comparable pic to the way she looked in the dream, as a lot of my pics were from four years ago when I nabbed her. But she’s gotten tinier and prettier since thing. The results of illness (size) and being with a Momma who loved her very much (she bloomed) and fed her good foodz.

My baby is the best baby.

I figure three visitations is probably my limit for now. I mean, not MY limit — she can come back to life and I’d be over the moon. But my professional psychic friend said we’ll try to connect with her sometime in March, to give her a little time to acclimate.

Maybe she’ll be more acclimated than I am, then. I’m right where she left me, as our beloved Taylor Swift sings.