Reality bites. And blows.

April 14th, 2020, 2:43 PM by Goddess

The building manager saw me throwing away trash with my mask and gloves on. Because that is what life has fucking become.

He was joking around and asks if I know anyone with coronavirus. I said yes. He kept joking. He said did they die and I said yes.

He kept joking and I forgive him because I know he’s got about six out of nine chickie nuggies in his happy meal.

But I realized, no one here takes it seriously because no one has lost anyone to it. It’s just a stupid Democrat hoax to all of them.

I said please take care of yourself. There are morons in masks and no gloves, physically pushing past me in stores and reaching over me when I bend down to get something off a low shelf. Nobody here has any goddamn sense. Please have some sense. This shit is real.

I said this isn’t going to peak down here in the Florida hotspots for another two to three weeks. I bet we don’t get back to normal till September. Quit standing so close to all the girls, OK? I know we’re cute and all, but we ain’t worth it.

He laughed, and said OK and be well.

I guess maybe his heart grew three chickie nuggies this day. Let’s hope.