Hash Wednesday

February 26th, 2020, 6:53 AM by Goddess

Hello Lent. I ate all the chocolate in all the lands yesterday for you. Although I do still have some medicinal brownies. I’ll just be over here putting the hash in hashtag.

Speaking of the next 40 days …

I don’t think our modern-day Jesus (or She-sus — although I ain’t that woke. Or awake, for that matter) would like the lack mindset of “giving up.”

Surrendering something you love just makes you miss it. It reminds you of when you were able to enjoy it.

Which makes you crave it more. Because you remember how lucky you were when she was yours.

Especially because the universe hates a void. Something always fills it. Might as well be something great.

In any event, I gave up quite enough in recent months. The rest gave up on me. 

This year, my intention for Lent is to get back to the healthy habits that got me to my lowest weight.

I was at my healthiest this time last year. Life was so simple then. I was just a nice girl in pretty dresses with a job she loved.

And it’s not that boys pick the nice girls, or if we even want them to. But I would like to feel good in those dresses again.

Now to see which of those dresses still fit for today’s lunch meeting at a bar …