In for it

August 23rd, 2018, 5:00 AM by Goddess

I handed my MacBook wordlessly to my mom.

Then I had to explain what an Amazon wish list is. And show her how to operate a laptop. Because, this is my life and I cannot just get to the punchline whether I’m writing or just living in the moment.

In any event, I was employing my favorite stalking method of looking at people’s Amazon wish lists. That place where you collect your must-have (someday) dystopian novels, shoes, wine fridges and sugar skulls. For example.

The man behind Door No. 1 has the most fascinating combination of interests. He’s like a Renaissance man, multiplied by three.

Door No. 2 also has a crazy-wide variety of interests that have zero overlap with the other. Or with mine. HOWEVER …

The very recently added list includes a plethora of items for, ah, ensuring her pleasure.

Should I tell him THAT’S PUBLIC?

Mom says no.

She also says, you’re in for it, girl.

I should probably be afraid. But I’m amused. And intrigued.