Year in review

LeeAnn challenged us to take the first sentence of our first post of each month in 2004. This is bittersweet, because it involves reading things I archived that have been too painful to look at in quite some time. This does NOT include my “draft” (private) entries that never made it into the blogosphere.

B and P have invited us over later for the traditional pork festival — of course, they had their own little pork festival in my bathroom shortly after midnight — damn it, I can’t believe I wasn’t the first person to have sex (with a partner, let’s make that clear!) in my own apartment!!!

I am not publishing that idiot’s submissions until Satan becomes editor of The Pearly Gate Times.

P and B invited me to dinner last night — they had something special to ask me: they are planning a marriage ceremony for May 15, and B asked me to be the maid of honor. *sniff*

You know that when four cows are grazing on the runway that you’re about to land on at (unnamed airport), you’re not exactly entering a booming metropolis.

My rambunctious kitten Kadi tore out the screen door to the balcony so she could get a tan on the balcony while I was out this afternoon, so the little shit is sitting in her cage right now so that I can keep the door open until I get a new screen, whenever the apartment management decides that will happen.

I have absolutely nothing to say today.

Did the Smithsonian Folklife Festival yesterday.

Speeding tickets, titty bars and injuries: how I will remember A’s 29th birthday.

Sometimes, you just have to stand still for a moment and let the wind pick you up and carry you to your next destination.

Not much to say other than that I am home, and home is in fact Washington, D.C. … not for lack of other offers.

23 miles in 11 minutes:. that’s how fast I drove today from Fairfax City to my abode when my apartment management called to inform me that my younger cat Kadi was loose.

If only more people were this cognizant of what they have and what it’s like for those with so much less.

Author’s note: That sums it up pretty well. Calamities and cat antics. 😉 How was YOUR year?

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    What a fantastic idea! I’ll get to work on mine write (hehe) away! 🙂groovebunny