Ow, my head

It is a nice idea to give people an AMC gift card. I have one, so I’ve been enjoying a few “free” flicks to get me out of the house.

That said, I’m SO glad I wasn’t the one who paid for my ticket to see “White Noise.” It made “Spanglish” (which I saw a few days ago) seem like cinematic genius in comparison.

I admit I liked most of “White Noise.” Michael Keaton grew up in Pittsburgh (as did I, for the unfamiliar), so by default I am a fan of his. 🙂 Story was good. I picked it based on the fact that I wonder how much in my head is just garbage as opposed to vibes that I should really be picking up on. After that film, I will gladly never try to contact anyone who has passed! The story is fairly realistic, which I like and that’s why it scared the shit out of me at times. 🙂 Although, this reminds me why I need to stick to drama and comedy and the occasional romance story — they’re way easier on the nerves! It was compelling. Gotta give them that. I’m not here to debate whether EVP is real or not, but it’s possible in my mind, and I think I’m going to spend less time watching my non-cable-enabled TV because the sight of snow will probably send me into horrific convulsions now. 🙂

The end leaves you hanging by a noose. It was probably the only way it could end (*cough cough I smell a sequel cough cough*). The couple next to me exclaimed, “That’s it?!?!” while I ever-so-eloquently blurted out, “What the fuck?” I mean, “Closer” had a strange ending, but it somehow seemed appropriate — you were kind of left in a lurch because you knew that, even if that movie went on for another eight hours, the characters still wouldn’t have resolved their lives. The film editor simply just had to cut the head off of the beast and let it die. With “White Noise,” I got the feeling that the writers were sick of writing and just said, “Stop. NOW!” and hence, the film ended.

That said, I’m cutting off the head of this entry, ’cause I am not one to kiss see a movie and tell any more details than are overly necessary. 😉

Oh, but wait
I just want to wave a finger at the moron who blocked my car into its spot at the theater. I parked at a corner. A 90 degree angle that is filled with grass (not THAT kind) and cars park opposite each other. I was happily snug in my spot when I had this overwhelming urge to, gee I don’t know, go home. 🙂 The idiot who was parked perpendicularly to me saw fit not to pull his car into his spot the whole way. So I dented it. 🙂 He even ran out to the car as I was trying valiantly to wriggle out of that spot without murdering any innocent fenders (because, alas, they would come to haunt me through my TV set tonight). He fiddled in the car and never moved it. I was calling out, “Are you INSANE? MOVE IT!” in my ever-so-patient Dawn kind of way. He moved, all right. He ran back to the theater. Apparently I should have clarified that I meant to move the car, not his ass.

I really didn’t dent it. I’d call it a love tap. I did dent somebody’s car whilst backing up, shortly before Christmas. You know, because I was already more than halfway outta the spot and the genius bitch decided to drive on the wrong side of the road and not stop for me. The insurance company said it was my fault because my anus lacks eyeballs. So, if I tend to get mad at other drives because they are assholes, realize it is because my insurance premiums rise because they don’t know how to operate their vehicles and get in my fucking way. They should know better! 😛

On iTunes: D.J. Ricey, “Castles in the Sky”

3 Responses to Ow, my head

  1. Pratt :

    why is it whenever you write about your car i start searching for rosary beads???why is that??hmmm..lol

  2. Pratt :

    why is it whenever you write about your car i start searching for rosary beads???why is that??hmmm..lol

  3. Dawn :

    You’re just praying to get to ride in a car with me again. 😉 I mean, how many other friends do you have who scare cab drivers? Just remember that I got you to your destination in one piece — minus any extraneous pieces that may have soiled your shorts in the process. 😉