Executive summary

1. WHFS-FM is now a Spanish music channel. Hurrah. Not. Anyway, RIP HFS (and screw you, Infinity Broadcasting!), and please, DC-101, don’t go anywhere!

2. Hard times come easy: just when I think I have my life set up to be resolved, something else rears its head to keep the worrying at full tilt. I’m waiting to hear about my grandfather’s prognosis from a new illness he may have. And bless him, he kept quiet for four weeks because he felt like my problems were more important. *sigh*

3. My cousin had a baby girl this morning. Congratulations and hooray. She and I, as little girls, had made a pact that we were never going to have kids. Do I win this one? 😉

4. I hate when people expect you to cancel your plans to accommodate them. Really. I just love rearranging my schedule. I never used to be this way, but I really hope there’s something in this for me other than aggravation.

5. Speaking of aggravation, tell me why, despite the fact that 90 percent of the District of Columbia did NOT vote for the presidential incumbent, we have to pay $17 million when the circus comes to town next week? And from the homeland security budget, no less?!?! Get creative and fundraise, you smug SOB. Those are funds better spent on the tsunami victims or on, gee, protecting the citizens of D.C. instead of one person in particular. Grrr.

6. In better news, I came out to my car last night to find a note on the windshield. Before I could curse and swear because I figured someone might have hit me, the note contained a compliment. Hah! It said, “I LOVE your bumper sticker!” Whew. 😉

7. Got this from a trusted source: Do NOT use Hartz products for your cats. I’ve used these products in the past and had no problems, but kitties are getting sick from the flea & tick line, so cat owners, please educate yourself on this one. My girls are too precious to me to not at least give this a read!

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4 Responses to Executive summary

  1. Anonymous :

    Did you move? Did I miss something? I ask because you are now referring to the District as “we.”
    If so, it is certainly Alexandria’s loss.


  2. Anonymous :

    Inaguration money: I don’t see anything wrong with that. DC gripes all the time about spending “their” money, yet almost never mention the fact that they’re almost totally funded by the Federal budget. If it weren’t for the government handout every year, they’d be a third world country. As for “just to protect one person”, you know that’s not true. The security is for everyone who attends and for the city itself.

    I’d be making the same arguments if the vote would’ve gone the other way too.


  3. Dawn :

    Y’all know I don’t miss an opportunity to bitch about who is in the Oval Office. 🙂

    And I’m still in the city I’ve always been in, Dan. I just prefer to say D.C. because of using my “real” name these days — if anyone wants to stalk me, I’d rather point them in the wrong direction!

  4. Suburban Island :

    My daughter was traumatized by the HFS programming switch – what is that about? I think no matter who got elected, an inauguration would be part of the landscape. Part of being DC is being host to these type of events no matter what the local vote.