Yeah, we’re 12

The scene: last night at the unveiling of a new line of cosmetics gift bags.

Consultant: We will be passing around a sample of “Happiness” body lotion.
Me, turning to my buddy: They found a way to bottle happiness?
Friend: I would imagine that happiness wouldn’t be a cream but, rather, something you would drink.
Me: Or smoke.

The tiny tube of Happiness cream comes to me to sniff. Unfortunately, someone before me had squeezed it, and there was a big blob of happiness on my nose.
Me: Or, in my case, you can snort happiness. *sniff*

I will, in fact, take happiness any way I can get it!!!

On iTunes: Lucinda Williams, “Words Fell”

One Lonely Response to Yeah, we’re 12

  1. A.McSholty :

    Something tells me you and your “buddy” there need a chaperone at events like that. 🙂