Horrible thought of the day

My television is so old that it’s almost time to put another one on top of it.

*ba DUM bum*

On a more serious note, I advise everyone out there to have a spare keyboard. Like, for when you’re a dumbass and spill Diet Coke on it and the fucker won’t WORK anymore.

< / public service announcement >

Oh, and the day just gets better and better. My fridge smells like it’s on fire. And my kitchen sink quit working. So I called maintenance. Sink’s fixed, and he swears I’m hallucinating about the fog of carbon monoxide in my dining room. The cats are literally parked at the fridge, listening it to it crackle and creak, and Kadi’s trying to atack it before it bursts into flames. How cute. 🙂

And where the hell is my UPS man?!?!

On iTunes: Olive, “You’re Not Alone (remixed by ATB)”

2 Responses to Horrible thought of the day

  1. Anonymous :

    I can top the TV on top of TV comment…I think. How about a radio/cd/cassette/boombox with a broken cd player. I use a portable cd player with a cassette adapter to play cd’s through the cassette player in the boombox. Ain’t broken technology great!

    I’d unplug the keyboard, take the keyboard apart (carefully of course) and dry it out. Put it back together and cross your fingers—You never know, it might just work.

    I’d bet your fridge compressor is about to give up the ghost. You might want to get a maintenance guy to clean the back (coils) of it. That should make the compressor work less hard. Of course if the fridge is old it might just be time for a new one huh?

    That “fog” of carbon monoxide could be the refrigerant from your fridge leaking out. If the refrigerant is leaking out it will cause the compressor to run almost constantly which would explain the noises that you/kitties are hearing.

    As they say “Tommorrow is another day” so hang in there.

    PS: You should seek out a comic illustrator and do a comic book from Maddies’ “I Crap in a Box” blog adventures. That blog cracks me up sometimes (please thank Maddie cat for writing it).

    PPS: Is life without “da cable tv” freaking you out? It sure did me the first day I lost it. (I’m unemployed too.) You’re gonna learn how to adjust rabbit ears like a pro! And the airwave channels are free-Yeah!! Cable&Satellite-50 bazillion channels of time wasting crapola that most everyone pays for. Now that I don’t have cable I don’t know that I’ll ever get it again.

    Hope the UPS man shows up tommorrow for you.

  2. Dawn :

    I *~*heart*~* the CD/cassette adaptor. I also broke my CD player, but, alas, I haven’t quite reached that low yet. 😉 But give me time! lol

    You’re most insightful, and thank you. The UPS guy did come. Hurrah! My customers will be pleased. You’re on the money with the refrigerator. Dumb shit maintenance guy said he’d come back another day with a guy who could help him move it. Honey, I have carpal tunnel and I moved it! He arrived while I was cleaning and I didn’t have a chance to move it then. But in good news, I managed to bean him on the head with a rubbermaid container that sat atop said fucked-up fridge.

    I’m getting the idea that my apartment complex has the same idiots-only hiring policy that Kinko’s (and just about every other service establishment, it seems) uses.

    Oh, life without cable sucks. I got “local” cable because the internet use was going to be $65 with or without it. I would like to get Comedy Central back and give them their Telemundo and the religious channels!