Ain’t easy bein’ green

Isn’t that a rarity? 🙂

I’m debating about going to a cult indoctrination cosmetics event tonight. I know I don’t have the money to spend, but damn it, I need some social interaction. The only people I saw today were the UPS guy and the cable guy. And that UPS guy owes me two boxes, so I get to sit home and wait for him again for the next two days. Hooray. Where is my marshmallow body whipped cream?!?! But at least I did get the hot fudge warming lube, so I can’t complain too much!

I think I’ll wear green tonight. In honor of our beloved Kermit the Frog of course, but also because that’s a color I can count on to make me look fabulous. 😉 Now, I wonder where the hell I put that shirt when I unpacked. …

On iTunes: Kermit the Frog, “The Rainbow Connection”

One Lonely Response to Ain’t easy bein’ green

  1. Anonymous :

    Dawn, seriously. Spa parties? Cosmetics nights? Why don’t you ever invite a girl along?!?!?!