Yeah, I’m going to hell for this

But it will be a short ride. πŸ™‚

Tard Blog returns!!!

Sample entry:

When (Daria) ran by, she yelled, β€œMiss Pell! PWESENT!”

Who knew she had aim? Her sticky little hand fired a corn-dimpled log at my face, hitting me square in the face with her poop.

I was thus presented with undeniable proof that she eats a lot of corn.

I called my assistant to come watch the kids while I picked corn and fecal matter from my face and hair for the next 30 minutes, pondered my life as a sped teacher, and decided which bar happy hour would be at that day.

Life is right again. πŸ˜‰

2 Responses to Yeah, I’m going to hell for this

  1. Anonymous :

    Well, there you are! I’ve been wandering around here in the Internet wilderness for weeks with no Dawn fix and you were hiding right here in plain sight the whole time.
    Glad I found your blog again – don’t see an E-mail address anywhere, unless I missed it somehow. ??

    aka Intrigued Reader

  2. Dawn :

    Greetings, Dan! I’ve missed you!

    I had no idea how to contact you, so I am glad you stumbled upon the site.

    My e-mail is goddessdawn AT gmail DOT com. Feel free to say howdy!