‘Buzzing’ around

Two events/conversations from yesterday. True stories!

The scene: four women testing out new vibrators (get those minds outta the gutter, people — it was a Passion Party demo!). I’m holding a vibrator with seven speeds and a handful of other functions (it lights up too as the speed increases. Way cool!).

Doorbell rings. Hostess: “It’s the pizza guy!”

Stunned looks from all of us. Someone: “Oh, this has the makings of a porno.” Someone else: “Turn that thing OFF!”

I didn’t know HOW to turn it off, so I clamped the vibrating part between my knees as I fumbled with the dials. It was finally off as the delivery guy left.


An IM conversation

My friend: I’m co-authoring a book, teaching five courses this semester, etc.

Me: I sold a vibrator today.

*sigh* All those years of college, and this is what it’s come to!

On iTunes: Sugarbabes, “Hole in the Head”

One Lonely Response to ‘Buzzing’ around

  1. Anonymous :

    Hahha. Now, see, if that had happened in my party, I’d be like bring him in, he could probably use the education! 🙂