See Dawn. See Dawn flip

Today was designated as a “Worry-Free Day.” I did no work (not like I have much left, anyway. But still). But I did do housework.

My apartment has been barely inhabited since August. I went from a crazy-busy time to a three-week-plus getaway. And I have only been back one week, and I’ve been playing catch-up with e-mail and with one little project. Hence, I have clean laundry and suitcases and purchases and miscellaneous crap just kind of sitting around, waiting to be placed somewhere.

Well, today I cleaned for hours, and I swear, you can barely tell. 🙁

I rearranged my bedroom and broke a lot of new bedthings out of their packages. (Not plastic bedthings — those are in the mail!) And then, I went about overhauling the bathroom. The thing was, I bought two sets of shower curtains and acoutrements while I was away. One set is hot pink and silver — very “now.” Another set is Happy Bunny — a shower curtain and a matching rug that says “It’s all about me.”

I chose the latter.

I was just admiring my work, and I realized that I hope nobody passes the threshold of my abode anytime soon, because they will know I’ve done lost my mind with all the Happy Bunny not only in there, but also throughout the kitchen.

Oh well. I can’t help but smile when I see it, though. Besides, I don’t have any way of paying my November rent, so it’s not like it’s going to be up for much longer!

On iTunes: Melissa Ferrick, “For Once in My Life”

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