Wish I were there. …

Some scenes from the Pacific coast, taken in Florence, Ore., last week. I never felt more alive as I did on that deserted beach, with the wind whipping my hair in a thousand directions and the cool water from the waves dancing around my ankles. *wistful sigh* Good times!

We climbed sand dunes to get to this part of the ocean. The Oregon Coast is worth climbing uphill in sand!

I have a bunch of photos like this — I’ve never seen cleaner skies or water!

I swear this isn’t a postcard! We were inside the Sea Lion Caves, the world’s largest sea cave. Way off in the distance is the Heceta Head Lighthouse.

4 Responses to Wish I were there. …

  1. Erica :

    Ooh, I’ve been to Heceta Head. The Oregon coast is sooooo beautiful. All the trees and the coast and the dunes and just a ton of gorgeous scenery.

  2. Funkalicious :

    You need to get your ass out West, girl.

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  4. Caterwauling :

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