Hey, who doesn’t want a refund?

Like any singleton, I’ve had some rotten dates in my life. But never ever was I asked to reimburse the date for my half of dinner. It’s genius, though — the dude sent the gal an invoice because he claims he paid for their first date because she agreed to a second date that never happened.

Ladies, I’m sure you’d agree with me that we should be reimbursed for all the dates for which WE paid (or at least went Dutch) because we didn’t want anyone to have any, um, expectations of us (like, seeing us again!). And how many times did you feel like you should be entitled to punitive damages or at least burial costs for being bored to death? 😉

Found via the incomparable Ms. Funky.

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2 Responses to Hey, who doesn’t want a refund?

  1. Funkalicious :

    Maybe this is just me, but I think *dating* itself should be eradicated. It’s awkward and sometimes boring and is basically just a preliminary for the inevitable shag later. Might as well just skip dinner, go for the shag and then the dinner check becomes moot. Everybody wins.

  2. Dawn :

    Holy shit, I used to say that (like, last week).

    My theory used to be to just fuck on the first date — beats building up the anticipation and then there’s no delivery. 🙂

    This whole flirting/relationship-building thing is intriguing yet, sometimes, too fucking complicated. I wish we could just call “Psychic Friends” and find out how it ends up before we bother getting set up to get hurt.