What a girl wants, part deux

Treated myself to a showing of “The Wedding Date” this afternoon. Loved it. OMG, I want to see it about four thousand more times, but alas, I’ve blown the entertainment budget for the month. 😉

OK, when did Dermot Mulroney get so freaking hot? And I don’t know if that was, in fact, his backside that we gals in the packed audience were happily admiring or if it belonged to a stand-in, but whatever. Yum!

Anyway, I want to append to my earlier post on “what a girl wants.” This couple in front of me at the concession stand irritated the hell out of me because they were mauling each other (look, I’m a fan of PDA, but fucking pay for your shit so that the other 200 of us in line can have a chance of making it to our movie on time, mmmkay?). The guy bought one small drink and one hot dog for the two of them to share. And maybe she’s one of those girls who won’t eat in front of a date, but You. Cheap. Bastard. The movie rule is to get at least a large drink if you’re going to force her to share with you — after all, it’s only another 50 cents! And for cripes’ sake, buy her her own fucking hot dog. Judging from the fact that your tight pants revealed a camel toe (this on a guy!), give the girl a little bit of meat in any way you can, even if that means springing for the $5 hot dog. Sheesh. Once the new-boyfriend shine wears off (and, in your case, I suspect that will happen pretty quickly), she’s going to find somebody who can fill her up … in both ways. 😀

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2 Responses to What a girl wants, part deux

  1. Anonymous :

    The scene where you see the backside was AWESOME! But then I had to smack the guys that were with my roomie and I because of the scene about the sisters….tisk tisk..but at least I made a bunch of people laugh when they heard that “SMACK!”…Robyn:)

  2. Dawn :

    Robyn, welcome to the blog! And heh, I’m glad the smack reverberated through the walls — that had to feel good! 😀 Almost as good as admiring that Mulroney rump. Rowr.