A tunage meme

Pilfered from the incredible GrooveBunny:

1. Song that sounds like happy feels:
That’s a tough one. I might rephrase it to note that my “functional” songs (e.g., the songs I can listen to and turn my thought process around) are “Maybe it was Memphis” by Pam Tillis and “Elsewhere” by Sarah McLachlan.

I know a happy song (for me). “Let Go” by Frou Frou (from the “Garden State” soundtrack).

2. Earliest memory:
I remember listening to the Steve Miller band when I was a wee lass. My mom and evil stepfather and I were coming back from a trip to Virginia Beach (I might’ve been 5 or 6), and I was rocking out in the backseat to “The Joker.”

3. Last CD you bought:
Lindsay Lohan (*ducks*)

4. Reminds you of school:

Elementary School
Oh good lord. Between the entire “Grease 2” soundtrack that my friends and I would sit on the playground and sing at the top of our lungs, I had the pleasure of listening to what is now called classic rock (which I still love) and country/R&B. Sing it with me: “You can eat crackers in my bed anytime, baby!” (Barbara Mandrell. Oh the shame of it all. And I still love it!)

I took dance classes then, and we always danced to Tina Turner’s “Private Dancer” album. My first albums were Prince’s “Purple Rain” and whatever Blondie released that year. Heh. And was Pat Benatar big back then? I totally dug “Love is a Battlefield” and “We Belong.”

I still listen to “The Rainbow Connection” by my pal Kermit the Frog — I sing that song to my friend’s little girl all the time.

Middle School
Ah, the birth of hair metal. BON JOVI, BABY!!!! And Motley Crue and a whole slew of others. This phase carried on into high school. Middle school also brought Madonna — I think the defining song of my middle school experience was probably “Borderline.”

High School
More hair metal. But, alas, I did discover Ani DiFranco, k.d. lang, Indigo Girls and Melissa Etheridge. I remember “Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover” by Sophie B. Hawkins being one of my all-time favorites — it had seemed so scandalous and sexy at the time.

I seem to remember playing on a loop “Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad” by Def Leppard. (Remember that, J? The entire 18th floor of Point Park College hated me!) Alas, the alternative rock movement broke out and hair metal died during my first semester. Although I clung tightly to Bon Jovi CDs (having traded in my cassettes for CDs), I did eventually buy into alternative rock (grudgingly) and still love it today.

This is going to sound weird, but Paul Simon’s “Slip Sliding Away” reminds me of college. I met a guy at a bar one night, and we made out in his car to that song. Heh. I miss those days!

I also have to bring the Indigo Girls back into this one — my friend Lisa and I used to sit up for days at a time, drinking tea and listening to the “Rites of Passage” CD.

And, although I try to forget it, the early- to mid-’90s dance revolution still makes me nostalgic. “Plastic Dreams” by Jaydee, anyone? 🙂

5. Total music files on your computer:
My beloved Mac has loads of memory, and upward of 10 gigs are sound files. This comes after I’ve deleted a shitload, too!

6. For listening to repeatedly when depressed:
John Mellencamp and Bon Jovi — I love that blue-collar “every day is a struggle” kind of vibe. When I’m really depressed, I also go for Milk Inc. and A Girl Named Eddy. And Tara MacLean wins this round, hands down — my favorite is “Jericho.”

7. Sounds british, but isn’t:
NOT a fan of Brit rock. Would Madonna be an honorary mention? 😀

8. Tune you love, band you hate:
Dave Matthews Band makes me cringe. I swear he sounds like he’s gurgling a turd. But, alas, when I hear “Crash Into Me” or “Crush” or “The Space Between,” I often have to change my underwear, I love it so.

9. A favorite from the past that took ages to track down:
I recently tracked down a lot of songs from my youth for my mom. But for me, I was killing myself to get a copy of Melissa Etheridge’s cover of “The Weakness in Me.” I had the Joan Armatrading version (who didn’t?) but Melissa’s was limited-edition and I looked for it for two years. I finally got it a couple of months ago and listen to it religiously.

I also had to get “Freak Me” by Silk and “Let’s Get it On Tonight” by Montell Jordan. Sex-ay!

10. Bought the album for one good song:
Oh, I always do that. First one of about 10,000 that comes to mind is “Bother” from Stone Sour’s album. I ripped “Bother” to iTunes and shelved the CD, where it has collected dust for at least the last year and a half.

11. Worst Song to Get Stuck in your Head:
Ugh. Sheryl Crow, “All I Wanna Do.” GAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

On iTunes: Martina McBride, “Whatever You Say”

3 Responses to A tunage meme

  1. Pratt :

    Lindsey Lohan? uh…um…er…

  2. Anonymous :

    Oh girl, as soon as I read the question, I thought of Frou Frou even before reading your answer. 🙂


  3. Dawn :

    I downloaded Lindsay’s album, so at least I didn’t spend any money on it. 😉