This entry brought to you by the letter E

… for Earworm.

(Yes, I’m going to cop out of writing a “real” post in favor of opening a Pandora’s box of tunes. This is what’s on in the car these days.)

I know some of you are looking for my birthday CD (with all my *favorite* favorites) — which would happen but I keep finding good songs that represent how I feel on (the second anniversary of) my 29th birthday.

Drop me your address at goddessdawn AT gmail DOT com if you haven’t already, and maybe it will be a Christmas CD instead of a birthday one. 😉

Till then. …

Vanessa Daou, “For Anything”

Everything But the Girl, “Downtown Train”

Chantal Kreviazuk, “These Days”

Dresden Dolls, “Coin-Operated Boy”*

* First one to tease me about “battery-operated boys” get a spanking!

2 Responses to This entry brought to you by the letter E

  1. Michael Kaplan :

    Always makes me think of this article (please don’t spank, I am too far away to reach!):

  2. Dawn :

    Great article — thanks for the link! I always read the little stickers that say where NOT to use it. Most of the words are misspelled, to boot. 😉