… A window opens

Dear Tracy,

We’ve never met, and sadly, in this life we never will. Your story breaks my heart again and again — we are the same age, and while I sometimes piss and moan about my fate, you will be a lifelong reminder (for me, as yours is being taken away so cruelly in so short a time) to live and love and get all I can out of the time I’ve been given.

And what I want you to know is that I am grateful to you — you brought some special people into my circle who, sure, I might have run into somewhere along the line. But I’m glad to have met them now. You brought Lachlan here to D.C. all the way from Seattle. And the earthly St. Liv (at least, that’s what I am calling her!) literally and kindly brought Lachlan (and her own fabulous self!) to Dave and me.

People like to tease me that I have “imaginary” friends — people I’ve “met” from reading their blogs. But I’ll tell you, I *know* some of these people better than others that I’ve known in person for a decade (and they actually head over here and read this drivel, too — astounding). And it’s lovely when you can sit down to dinner and hang out afterward like you’ve known each other all your lives. To, let’s face it, be in the presence of people you never dreamed you’d be able to meet and, even better, to find out that they’re as smart, funny and downright fantastic in “real life” as they are on their blogs.

In any event, while the reason behind this impromptu visit was a sad one, you’ve given this whole group a gift simply because you ended up in this area and because you are such a special lady that your old friend from thousands of miles away wanted to be at your side to say goodbye. So, thank you for being the impetus behind our convergence (and consumption of Belgian beer — yay Delirium Nocturne!).

And so, a toast — to old friends, and to new.

(Photo whored hijacked from Dave’s place.)

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3 Responses to … A window opens

  1. Liv :

    What wonderful sentiments, and how terrific it was to meet you. Not despite the circumstances, but in part because of them. While unfortunate, I think we got something more out of the experience. THANK-YOU again and let’s have more fun in Old Town!!!

  2. Anonymous :

    *sniff sniff*

    Sooooo sweetly put. You are a gem, Dawn, and thank you for putting this out there. I’m sure she will find the words and/or their sentiment in the ether.


  3. Dave Tepper :

    Concurrence with all of the above. I can’t express it any better than y’all have.