A door closes

Not three days ago, a window opened. Funny, that — it’s the universe not only balancing itself out but, moreover, bracing us for the blow it was going to deal this morning.

On Tuesday, we said hello to new friends. This morning, we say goodbye to the one who brought us together.

While I’m not the sentimental type, I’m crushed. I ache for this girl and that precious little boy (here’s the link again — go see that photo!). I ache for Lachlan. I shake my fist at the universe and wonder why.

But then, the “version 2.0 Dawn” takes over and thanks the stars for all that is good. For the fact that I have been able to rebound. For the people, places and things I’ve been fortunate enough to experience, however briefly. For the people, places and things that remain. And for those that haven’t arrived — or that I haven’t fully come to appreciate — yet.

More importantly, I am grateful for the signs along the way and for the gifts that are left behind for me to open and cherish in my own time.

So, while I am sobbing like a sissy behind my office door profoundly impacted by the fact that Tracy left this world early this morning, I will take a wise man’s advice to Lachlan and apply it here — live for those whom we’ve lost … and in that, we remember to live for ourselves.

Lach, thanks for entering our world, and Tracy, thanks for bringing her here. This one’s for you:

On iTunes: Beth Nielsen Chapman, “Sand and Water”

UPDATE — Thanks Ted, for helping me to see and to believe. 🙂

3 Responses to A door closes

  1. Anonymous :

    Not the sentimental type, my ass. 🙂 You’re a softie, just like me.

    *hugs* Wherever she is, Tracy knows now more than ever that she was loved.
    Thank you for being a part of that.


  2. Dawn :

    My cover is blown — I’m as sensitive as the day is long. Damn it. 🙂

    Love ya, girl. Your strength throughout this time (and your own dramas notwithstanding) has been an inspiration.

  3. Liv :

    What beautiful, gorgeous music, Dawn. That alone makes you special, but there’s so much more than that. Thank-you for putting it all into words, and so well.