The no-coffee commute

Last week, I told you I was going to start rating my commutes by the cups of java consumed. You heard about the two-coffee commute. Today, we have the no-coffee commute.

Why was there no coffee? ‘Cause I was an idiot and didn’t make any on the way in, but I figured I’d get *good* coffee once I was in the vicinity of Dream Job. Anywho, I left the Bachelorette Pad at 6:52 a.m. (I still have makeup to apply — it ain’t pretty right now).) I hit my 32nd and final mile at — get this — 7:21 a.m. Yes, less than a half hour! w00t!

I could get used to such an easy-breezy commute, but yeah, 6:52 a.m. departure time? Don’t think so. I am too BITCHY in the mornings to pull this off for anyting but a special occasion. 🙂

Anyway, it took that exact same 29 minutes, however, to stand in line at Krispy Kreme to wait for one freaking glazed donut and a coffee (a motherfuckin’ LARGE). Dear keepers of the piping-hot, crack-like beverage we so desperately crave: Hand us coffee at the door. Seriously. You are lucky we don’t kill anyone before taking that first, glorious sip. 😉

OK, now I have to go function. Happy Friday!

On iTunes: k.d. lang, “Suddenly”

2 Responses to The no-coffee commute

  1. Dave Tepper :

    A good commute is like crack to me here in the DeeCee area. Although oddly, the best time to start my commute from my soon-to-be-former home is at 9 am, just in time to show up at work and not be late. I don’t get it either.

    I’m still looking foward to being able to walk to work any damn time I please. Yes, I pay dearly for this luxury, but for all of you outside the area? Ohhhhh, it is so, so worth it. You have no idea how we suffer here–think an hour to go six frickin’ miles on some days.

  2. Dave Pye :

    Less K.D. Lang, More Java.