Getting screwed with your panties on

Had a $200 oil change today.

Now, don’t worry, that’s not all I got. I was prepared to pay the $35 for an oil change because my regular place (where I haven’t gone in awhile because I needed to do the uber-cheap oil changes during the last half-year) rocks and actually gives decent service. Read: They at least kiss you while they’re fucking you.

All told, I have some new filters, new steering fluid and a new fuel injection system. Which is grand, because the inside of the car smells like vanilla and the outside smells like a fucking grease fire. I look forward to that heinous scent wearing off one day soon.

To top it off, when my car was done, not only did the mechanic park it facing the wrong direction on a one-way street, but he also Left. It. Running. And it took like 20 minutes to get rung up because the cashier kept charging me incorrectly (although I would have been happy to pay below the $208 that it turned out to be). Even worse — the tank was on “E” (I swear, I go through two and a half tanks a week — yay rising fuel prices. Not.) and the mechanic told me to get some gas in it so that the fuel injection system had some, well, fuel to inject.

Before I get too mad, I’m just glad I actually had the money (read: have not paid bills yet). And whether or not they recognized the car and knew a chick drove it and they upsold me pretty fiercely, well, at least I know Samantha is in top shape for NASCAR the Capital Beltway. I guess it’s a good thing I don’t actually go out and spend money on things I want — this car practically eats paychecks as quickly as it eats $2.10/gallon unleaded!

But, alas, there was a mild bit of humor. I pulled in at about 100 mph (I had to beat a traffic light and do a hairpin turn). As soon as I walked into the office, the cashier said, “You must be the Sunfire.” Now, there were 10 other cars there. I said yeah, and she proceeded to rattle off my license plate number. I was slightly amazed, but again, she said, “Yeah. Hard to miss YOU pulling in!” LOL. That’s why I don’t question needing so much work on that vehicle — I know I drive like a maniac! 😉

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  1. Pratt :

    ugh.I know the feeling>My car has to go in for inspection before the end of the month. get your license plate yet?