This round’s on me

“Here’s to the four hinges of society.
May you fight, steal, lie and drink.
When you fight, may you fight for your country.
When you steal, may you steal away from bad company.
When you lie, may you lie at the side of your sweetheart.
And when you drink, may you drink with me.”

— Irish Blessing —

Happy Paddy’s Day from the Irish goddess princess at this domain. 🙂 Not like my freckles, pale skin, green eyes and red hair didn’t give me away as being Irish or anything. Here’s to hoping that this is the year I discover that magic pot o’gold (magic pot would be just fine, too!).

If you’re in D.C. and not working late, Tom posted some recommended destinations for your pint o’Guinness. I highly recommend the shepherd’s pie at Four Courts, if you’re so inclined.

And, because we’re all about the tunage ’round here, we’re gonna turn off the sexy music and get our drinking music on (NSFW, duh). Slainte!

“Fuck You, I’m Drunk”
“The Pub With No Beer”
“O’Fugger’s Mean Green Irish Creme Ale”
“Kiss My Irish Ass”
“Bugger Off”
“Beer, Beer, Beer”
“Fuck the British Army”

One Lonely Response to This round’s on me

  1. Pratt :

    *dances the jig* wish we were histing a pint together today.