Some coffee with that bitter?

Meet Dawn before coffee. Or, don’t. Yeah, I’d skip this one if I were you. 😉

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3 Responses to Some coffee with that bitter?

  1. Pratt :

    “And now here’s Dawn with the KBlog traffic report.Dawn is happy that we installed her chopper with missile launchers and flamethrowers. Her commute is much smoother now. And now here’s Dawn….”

  2. John :

    LOL @ Pratt!! I fear for Lexus driving people with “W” stickers on them. Payback is gonna be a bitch honey!

    I also fear for blazing headlight wielding tailgating SUV drivers too as they are in the target sights too I’m sure.

    Watch out for the exit lane jumpers as well. The well placed missile is coming their way.

    Homieland security had better fear Dawn with her avenger chopper!

  3. Anonymous :

    Yes bring on the missle launchers! groovebunny