Truisms, redux

Since Thursday’s post, I have two additions:

Highway Truisms
10. People with diplomat plates need to learn how to drive in America or be deported. And yes, tht includes natural-born citizens. Diplomatic immunity clearly equals unbridled assholitry. (For those who couldn’t understand my previous audioblog because I had Lenny Kravitz blaring in the background, I got cut off by a carload-o-diplomats, the driver of which was addressing me in the rearview mirror to calm down. If he hadn’t jumped out of the Lady Bird Johnson exit lane and scared the sanity out of me, I might have been more forgiving. Or, not. LOL)

Bonus TMI Truisms
3. My waterproof dancing dolphin? Takes all the pain away. As does my new Mini Tongue. I’ve decided to give up the toy sales biz and just enjoy my $400 worth of products, and that is the reason why my lips are smiling (all of them). *slaps own wrist*

On iTunes: Lenny Kravitz, “I Belong To You”

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