The little things

Psychic Sylvia Brown was on “Montel” today (god, I love morning talk T.V.!), and everyone was asking if there is a heaven. Honey, I didn’t need to hear her answer to know that, yes, in fact, there is.

It’s called Old Navy.

Today was a complete waste. I had full intentions on finding the Kinko’s in Bailey’s Crossroads so that I could print out some important documents and fax them. But, alas, I never found Kinko’s, but I did find Old Navy (and Tarzhay and Wal-Mart. Woo hoo!). Says me, the same idiot who has to get rid of cable. *sigh*

But I did end up with two shirts, two scarves and a pair of gloves. It’s a winter investment, right? 😉 I was just pissed off because A.) I couldn’t find my destination and B.) I had to waste spend money on stupid stuff like toilet bowl cleaner and dishwashing stuff and the like. Man, I could really live on my uber-reduced income if I didn’t have to waste money on all of those “little things” that mean (and add up to) so much!

On iTunes: Bonnie McKee, “Somebody”

5 Responses to The little things

  1. BillSaysThis :

    Are you still wasting money on cancer sticks? Inquiring minds, blah blah blah.

  2. Anonymous :

    Hi – It’s Suburban Island – go a little further down the road to LOEHMANN’S PLAZA too for some more shopping. Don’t forget to hit the NY style deli that’s there for lunch. Shopping and lunch = fun.

  3. Erica :

    Dude. I lurve me some Old Navy. Seriously.

  4. Anonymous :

    apollonaire adores “getto gap!!!”
    fo shizzle!!

  5. Emily :

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