Headbanging to heavy-metal music and being over 30? DON’T MIX.

And the more days that pass, the worse you feel. Oy, my aching neck. …

On iTunes: Quiet Riot, “Come On Feel the Noise”

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Do not, under any circumstances, enter Wal-Mart this week. I stopped by last night for kitty litter and was in line for AN HOUR. I opted to wait for a cashier rather than doing the self-checkout thing, and it was a wise decision, because I got out a half hour before the guy next to me in line did. Even for those of us who are adept at scanning our own items, the machines go nuts and must be serviced at least twice per transaction.

Wanted to thank Ted and his lovely family for entertaining me all day yesterday and feeding me reams of fresh-from-the-oven homemade cookies and chicken-enchilada soup and barbecue. Mmm, mmm. It was wonderful spending time with such an incredible group of people when my own family is so far away!

I can’t believe it’s Christmas already. I just hope that, at the last minute, Santa Claus remembers to add a few of us to his list that he’d seemingly forgotten about. May the year 2005 arrive quickly and efficiently and bring us the joy we’ve struggled so hard to uncover this time around!

On iTunes: Juice Newton, “The Sweetest Thing”