Cookies as vegetables?

OK, before this entry goes any further, I want everyone to stand up and cheer, “Yay Tiff!” because Tiff gave me the best Christmas present ever. And then some! *mwah!*

So I was telling Tiff a story today about my awesome day with Ted yesterday, and it occurred to us that there was a blogstory in there somewhere. 😉 Over a loving homemade dinner, it was realized that, alas, we had no vegetable. So Liz declared that cookies would be our vegetables! And we had several tins overflowing with snickerdoodles and maccaroons and chips of every kind to serve as our veggies. It was like every kid’s dream! I even got to take some home, with a travel container of soup. Mmm, heavenly!

Anyway, the kindness of friends is keeping me warm today, so thanks, dolls!

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One Lonely Response to Cookies as vegetables?

  1. Anonymous :

    Yay Tiff!

    Glad you enjoyed yesterday, it’s a treat for us too when you visit.