Reader Poll Monday

From Sherri:

1. If you drink coffee with flavors, do you prefer to make flavored coffee, or to make non-flavored coffee and add flavored creamers? If you don’t drink coffee, why?
OK, I am a coffee fiend. Any flavor or none at all will suffice, just so long as the brew is murky and high-octane.

I prefer different roasts to flavors — I’m partial to Kenyan. I also prefer to grind my own beans instead of buying grounds, although I take exception to the Swedish dark roast at IKEA — it’s way cheap and so freaking good! Especially if you put in a few dashes of cinnamon to the grounds before ya brew.

In fact, that’s how I flavor my coffee — I put cinnamon in the basket.

2. Is one of your feet bigger than the other? Which one?
Heh — I thought I was a freak of nature in that regard. My left foot is a wee bit bigger. I mean, I can wear the same shoe size on both feet, but there is a significant difference to me after standing in them for awhile. Thus I will usually wear anklets or toe rings on my right foot.

3. If you were to win the lottery, how much would the winnings have to be in order for you (and your significant other) to never have to work again?
I don’t think there could ever be enough money to give up the daily grind. And maybe it sounds hokey, but I like what I do — I’d probably keep it up part-time and do freelance event-planning and maybe have the luxury of having the time to write for publication (books, my friends, NOT articles). Fuck it, I’d self-publish!

But in keeping with the spirit of the question, I’d say it has to be about $5 billion (which I’d gladly take) because I’d have time to shop and believe me, I could blow through that pretty darned quickly. 😉

4. Do you think high school kids today are more or less mature than you were at that age?
I hate to be wishy-washy, but it’s sort of both. I think, by necessity, they HAVE to be more mature — the world is very different now. But I was also wise beyond my years then (I swear, I’m going through the childhood I never had, oh, right now). I think we were more prepared for the world — we Gen Xers were very attuned to reality and, despite the media branding us as slackers, I’ve never seen a generation of people who work harder. And we also weren’t stupid enough to pierce/tattoo our faces and walk into a job interview and expect to be hired.

5. What’s one thing that has made you smile today?
I’m such a girl. I made someone laugh — like, not a polite, friendly forced kind of laugh — but rather a bona fide chuckle at a story I told. Seriously, things like that matter to me — the sound of genuine amusement and/or appreciation always lights up my day.

6. Do you have any nervous habits?
Let me put it this way — my manicurist? Yelled at me Saturday. In Vietnamese. Because I’ve been on a Mad Cleaning Rampage and my hands are dry and my cuticles were shot. She also refused to let me out of there without a promise that I would go home and groom my eyebrows, lest she be forced to wax them (and I hate the wax — my skin looks like it was torched for a good four hours after the procedure).

But, alas, I’ve digressed as always. Cleaning is more of a frustration outlet. My nervous habits are usually babbling incoherently, as well as my right eye going all twitchy. It’s hard to stay stoic — I can bottle my emotions rather well sometimes, but my fluttering eyelid will give me away if you don’t think I’m just winking at you. Which I may very well be. 😉

7. Describe the contents of your purse/wallet.
Black wallet with silver buckle, silver business card case, cell phone, earpiece for cell phone, pack of Citrus Mint Orbit gum, a handful of Tampax Lites, some coins, receipts (Hot Topic, Wallyworld, Tar-zhay, Claire’s, Starbucks, Hecht’s, SunTrust Bank) and a stick of Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer (in Champagne).

8. Have you ever laughed so hard that you peed your pants?
Theoretically. Angie and I (and Shan and I) sometimes laugh so hard (usually AT other people) that I’ll say, “Omigod, I think I just peed a little!” And that usually starts us off on another giggling tangent. Laughter is very important in all my friendships — like Claree (Olympia Dukakis) said in “Steel Magnolias,” “If you don’t have anything nice to say, come sit next to me!”

9. Would you rather spend a month on a deserted island with absolutely nothing but food and a pen and paper, or a month in a crowded place with absolutely no privacy?
That’s tough because the more attractive option (No. 1) basicallly DOES describe my life. The latter sounds like a permanent cube farm and boy do I LOATHE the prospect of being in one of those again! I would take exception if the “crowded place” were more like a dance floor where I could cozy up to hot people and enjoy some much-needed human contact.

10. Ask me something.
Favorite cheesy ’80s song? This one’s for everybody — chime in down there in the comments!!!

On iTunes: Carrie Underwood (cover), “Independence Day”

7 Responses to Reader Poll Monday

  1. Pratt :

    Favorite Cheesy 80’s song- Forever Young by Alphaville.

  2. Erica :

    I put cinnamon in the basket sometimes, too. More flavor than flavored coffee, but less than flavored creamer.

    Cheesy 80s song: I’m totally drawing a blank. And I’m more of a 90s kinda girl anyway.

  3. Anonymous :

    Wild Wild West, by Rico Suave I think… that was 80’s right?


  4. Anonymous :

    Wild Wild West was by the Escape Club. Rico Swave was by Gerardo. Fave cheesy song would have to either be Foolish Beat by Debbie Gibson or Could’ve Been by Tiffany.

    – Silver Blue

  5. michael :

    So can’t believe I’m going to be the first for a tasteless (no pun intended) comment about cin. in the coffe grounds… but…

    Learn that trick for Lyle & Erik (Menendez)? (and does it work?)

    Cheesey 80s song… I think about a third of the songs on my iPod are 80s tunes… Love Shack, The Tide is High, Video Killed the Radio Star

  6. Dawn :

    I was doing the cinnamon thing long before the brothers (I didn’t even know they did!). I always loved special holiday editions of coffee — particularly around Halloween/Thanksgiving — and it occurred to me that the flavors were cinnamon and nutmeg, so I tried those together. But I’m lazy and just use cinnamon now.

    And the ’80s was too cheesy for me, but I love hearing all of your guilty-pleasure songs. I might have to acquire all of them now …

  7. Anonymous :

    “Heart and Soul” by T’Pau and “One Night In Bangkok” by Murray Head. God, how I love those tunes, especially since you-know-who boycotts 80’s music in our house. 😉