Old Town, new tree

Ventured out of my hole of doom and despair last night to attend the Tree Lighting Ceremony in Old Town last night.

Not quite the to-do that Pittsburgh’s Light-Up Night is, but then again, it’s not Pittsburgh. 😉 I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to be able to stay in D.C., so I’ve committed myself to enjoying as much as I can of the area while I can. In any event, I may tell a story about the former at the end of this entry, if I feel like embarrassing myself. 😉

In any event, the pilgrimage was worth it, because as the emcee counted down (3-2-1) to the tree lighting, well, nothing happened. Countdown again. Zippo. Finally, he decided we should count back from 10. LOL. That time, it worked. And I got a GREAT shot as the lights flipped on:

This was another tree outside of Market Square. I just liked it and wanted to capture its essence. Sad when I’m more impressed by this than anything else:

Because I was paying to park anyway, I hoofed around and hung out by the Potomac. Unfortunately, my dock photos look like crap (too bad, because it’s really one of my favorite places in the world), but I did get a decent shot of Art Craft:

Because my Thankgiving (as well as the rest of my life) has, well, sucked lately, I wanted to treat myself to something little, something that I could only get in D.C. This fabulous little Chai Tea dessert from our beloved Bread & Chocolate was the last one on the shelf and made up for the cold, crappy coffee that I bought to go with it. Isn’t it cute?

Moon over King Street:

That’s it for pictures. Anyway, the story I mentioned. As I walked around Old Town with my cold coffee and my digital camera, I had a memory of a particularly bad Light-Up Night in Pittsburgh. Or maybe it was First Night. Whatever. It was a Shitty Night, no matter what date it was.

I had been dating this guy, and nothing ever seemed to go right for us. He was nice enough and successful and smart. I think he was interested in me (um, duh, we were dating). I was really into him, but in retrospect, I guess I wasn’t, because I couldn’t act that way toward him. Anyway, he had told me that he was going out with his buddy that night — and I was so pissed off that I wasn’t invited that I decided to go stalking. It was icy and ridiculously bitter cold, but alas, I went out by myself, hunting his ass down. Never did find him, but I did find out from him later that he had actually taken a date on that outing. A date! I ended up meeting her a week later (he introduced us — how uncomfortable!). She reminded me of a mole. I called her Mole Hole for the longest time. (God, no wonder my luck is so bad — I was so cruel!) Long story short, they ended up married (he called to tell me they got engaged and to tell me the wedding date and then NEVER INVITED ME TO THE WEDDING). Anyway, it was a lifetime ago, but unfortunately it was only a memory away.

In any event, that little repressed memory came back while I watched annoyingly happy couples on the streets of Old Town. But life goes on, of course. I wondered if anybody there knew me from reading this crazy blog (or the much better one that preceded it). I wondered if I knew any of them from reading THEIR blogs. Funny how small this world really can be sometimes.

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