1. Ever notice how the only people who use the phrase “President Bush” were the ones who voted for him?

2. Of 17 turn signals I witnessed being used during the a.m. commute, 16 were used by me. The 17th? Some jackass who flipped on the “right” blinker and cut me off by merging “left.” Fucking asshat.

3. After months without it, I’ve had a faint sense of deja vu during the day. This is fantastic — it means I am in the right place at the right time. Which means my life will eventually be on track, right? Woo hoo?

4. Ever have a rantabulous diatribe just bubbling beneath the surface and know that if you so much as opened your mouth (or a “new blog” post), you will regret it? Or, worse, you don’t give a shit about potential reactions because you’re just fucking exhausted with always being the one who gets hurt and want to share the pain? While, in the long run, I am always glad to be the better person, sometimes I just want to kick ass, take names and let out a barbaric yawp.

5. Steelers loss = broken heart. The only thing I hate worse than the Patriots are their fans. (Minus you, Scott, of course!) HOW COULD YOU LOSE THE PLAYOFF GAME?!?!?!! I’d set fire to my “Go Pittsburgh” magnetic ribbon if the cold hadn’t soldered it to my back bumper!

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4 Responses to Observations

  1. Pratt :

    I am upset the Steelers lost too..I really wanted that all-Pennsylvania Super Bowl. They were my favorite afc team this year (um next to my hometown guys The Bills..ok stop laughing…)

  2. apollonaire :

    HATE THEM, HATE THEM, HATE THEM….and their smug Brady QB and Charlie “I’ll-suck-worse-than-Ty-at-ND” Weis.
    I was so pissed. I couldn’t believe that shit either.

    Poor Ben!

    I want his children.

  3. Anonymous :

    I’m so sorry about the Steelers. I wanted them to win over the Patriots def. As for Bush, I usually refer to his as “That D*ckwad”…Mr. President? Ppppphtt!groovebunny

  4. Anonymous :

    I need to register for this. But I was away and didn’t see the post. Thanks for excluding me from the field of Patriots-fan hatred.

    We’re good people, we really are. And if you look at the pre-2001 history of your New England Patriots, then we have suffered enough.

    And the lovely Marilyn, bless she, bought me a Patriots suede jacket for Christmas. Except for the fact that it sometimes causes me to resemble a strip club bouncer (minus the brawn, of course), it is quite lovely.

    Yours in Service,