Some cheese to accompany the whine?

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5 Responses to Some cheese to accompany the whine?

  1. Anonymous :

    Hey, I’m so glad you love your job. BTW, it’s great to hear your voice! ~Lady J

  2. Pratt :

    nice to hear your voice again.

  3. Dawn :

    OMG, I HATE my voice! Granted, I was sleepy and slightly annoyed to be in a traffic jam somewhere near the Dulles Airport exit, but eeek!

    This proves why we should all be grateful that, while I did go into journalism, it wasn’t of the broadcast variety. *twitch*

  4. Funkalicious :

    I totally dig your voice! You sound so friendly…someone I could sit down with and REALLY talk about shit. ((hugs)) Thanks for making this audio post. 🙂

  5. Erica :

    Eeeee! Listen to you! *pinch your cheeks* 🙂