Linka-dinka-doo: the snow prisoner edition

I’ve been away from the ‘Net for a week, and oh my the fun things we find when we’re bored shitless because our car is hiding beneath an icy white blanket of wonder:

For lack of the living-and-breathing variety at the moment, I SO want one of these. (NSFW) And, boys, here’s a testimonial on a version for you!

Newly added to the blogroll: Rude Pundit, particularly because of this entry. (See if you don’t get Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out for a Hero” in your head like I did!) Also newly added is Overworked & Underf*cked — go visit her letters to ex-lovers and nod in agreement! And not bookmarked but certainly related, this Craig’s List letter details just when your ex gets too boring to stalk.

From some of the beloved existing blogrollers: Rue says Bush called us assholes, Pratt has eight inches (of snow, you pervs! LOL), Amalah turns heartbreak into entertainment as the funniest unpregnant gal around, Erica tells us what we need to do before Bush outlaws it, and Lachlan and Bayou experience the chaos of moving and not having a working toilet. Gah.

I’ve got a LOT more blogs to read (thank you NetNewsWireLite as well as those of you who set up feeds!), so I appreciate your giving me some amusement on this frosty little day! 😀

And, in television news (cough cough I fucking hate not having cable cough cough), I have at least found a few new reasons to wish for a light evening commute: Medium, Point Pleasant and, of course, my magical addiction known as American Idol. In regard to the latter, may the good people not be booted off this year and leave us with crap to choose from in the end.

On iTunes: Breaking Benjamin, “Sooner or Later”

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