In which inanimate objects talk back

Sommelier at your service: a talking wine label is on the horizon. You get to hear what year your Arbor Mist Mad Dog 20/20 fine wine was made and what’s in it and all that fun stuff.

The potentials of talking labels are just fabulous — per the article, on a more global level, prescription drug labels could eventually be able to talk to people, telling them how much to take and when.

However, in my case, it might clash with what the OTHER voices are telling me to do.

Drink more wine, bitch!

Shut up, self. 😉

In any event, it will be nice — albeit initially disconcerting — to have objects talk BACK to me, for a change!

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One Lonely Response to In which inanimate objects talk back

  1. A.McSholty :

    “Drink more wine, bitch,” is what my inner bitch is ALWAYS saying to me…and I can’t say it is bad advice. Heh.