‘Don’t want “no scrubs,”‘ my ass

Dudes and dudesses, Comedy Central is picking up “Scrubs” reruns in fall 2006!

Per Reuters:

Comedy Central has acquired the first four seasons — a total of 93 episodes — and will also buy the upcoming fifth-season episodes.

Just got back my cable on Saturday (after nearly a year without it!) — Between seeing Jon Stewart again and now Zach Braff, I will be as happy as a girl can be. 😉 Well, as happy as a single girl can be, anyway.

On iTunes: Black Eyed Peas, “Don’t Lie”

2 Responses to ‘Don’t want “no scrubs,”‘ my ass

  1. Avatar :

    That’s excellent news. I also geeked out that GSN was to be showing reruns of “The Amazing Race”.

  2. Pratt :

    That’s great news! Thanks!