I live in an upscale place. Not.

I was walking toward my car yesterday when some dude in a hoopty (circa 1982) cranked up his stereo and leered at me. He was bobbing his head, rocking out to what he must think all the kids are listening to these days.

“The Electric Slide”

The bravado with which he almost pulled that one off was spectacular. I imagine that must be the hot new single on WHFS El Zol.

I’d hate living here, but it’s so damned entertaining sometimes. 😉

On iTunes: Concrete Blonde, “Mexican Moonlight”

4 Responses to I live in an upscale place. Not.

  1. naughtygirl :

    hi im jerzee, and i think your blogs are great. you are a very funny chick.

  2. Anonymous :

    Sounds about as entertaining as the kids running around screaming using the apartment staircase for a jungle gym. Or the guy who sits outside my apartment window revving up his “crotch rocket” motorcycle engine. Not to mention living next to an airforce base full of jet jockeys who like to fly their jets/cargo planes until 11pm or later on Friday nights and during the daytime as well. I so need to move to the country……but at least for now my ears are ringing and I’m sleep deprived.


  3. Pratt :

    Yeah but if it was the opening licks to “Lay your hands on me” by Bon Jovi you’d be leaping on the hood..um..of the car.

  4. Dawn :

    You know, if it was Jon Bon Jovi playing the “Electric Slide,” I never would have made it to my car. 😉