Virginia IS for lovers afterall!

Our laws finally match our state slogan. Unmarried sex is now legal in Old Dominion!

Now, off to go find some! 😀

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6 Responses to Virginia IS for lovers afterall!

  1. Kukini :

    Wooooo! So is this why you have been wearing that sill Habit, Dawn?

  2. Anonymous :

    i wasnt aware it was illegal to have sex if you werent married. what kind of stupid shit is that?

  3. Anonymous :

    calm down, anony… the law was put into place in the late 18th century and hasn’t been enforced since something like 1863.

    The only reason it even came up before the court was because of this lawsuit by a woman against a man who hadn’t told her he had herpes. They had sex, and she caught it from him. She sued, and the judge threw out the suit because she was engaged in an illegal activity- premarital sex. In order for her suit to go forward, she had to challenge the law against premarital sex. That way, she can sue some guy for the consequences of her own stupidity.


  4. naughtygirl :

    o i c. hey i wonder why my name comes up as anonymous. i have a blog too. hmmm. but either way i still thik its a dumb law

  5. Dawn :

    If I’d have known it was illegal, then I would have done a much better job being an outlaw. 😉

  6. Anonymous :

    Talk about taking all the fun out of it…