*happy dance*

Could this day GET any better? 😉

On iTunes: Black Lab, “Wash It Away”

8 Responses to *happy dance*

  1. Anonymous :

    Okay, so spill! inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Anonymous :

    Waiting….. not so patiently…. for more info.

  3. Anonymous :

    Come on…your legions of fans are on pins and needles…


  4. Dawn :

    Guys, you know I love all of you, but until the IP addy 216.4.225# disappears from my sitemeter, I am not giving away anything. E-mail me at goddessdawn AT gmail DOT com if you like. 🙂

  5. Anonymous :

    Awesome! The happy dance is a good thing! Dance girl! Dance! 🙂 groovebunny

  6. BillSaysThis :

    Are you posting dance video later?

  7. Pratt :

    I am so happy:)

  8. Kukini :

    Cogratulations on the GREAT news, Dawn!