Ghost of Christmas Past

OK, so I’m a few days late, but Happy 2005! Screw that last year. Bury it. Forget about it. Gone. Buh-bye. Like Mom says, don’t ever look back; you can only go forward. And like Sandra Bullock says in “Hope Floats,” “Don’t look back. It’s bad luck.”

Thanks for all the holiday wishes, whether in the comments, on the voice mail, etc. I’ve been on a bit of a spiritual odyssey, and the blogcation’s not quite over yet, but I wanted to check in and say howdy. If I don’t answer, chances are A) I wasn’t near a computer and B) when I need my alone time, I take it without fanfare.

In any event, I start this year as a different person on a different path. Unfortunately, I’m bringing along some of last year’s luggage, but I’m traveling light — as years pass, we simply just have to leave some really old things behind or our backs will collapse under the weight of what we’ve acquired since. I’ve finally dealt with some things from long, long ago so that I could confront more recent demons. And I’d hardly say I’ve conquered them all (or at all, for that matter), but I’ve rested up a bit and regained the strength I lost about five years ago. It’s been difficult, this running on empty.

If you do nothing else for yourself this new year, take some time for you. My biggest mistake (and I know this now) is that I have pushed and pushed myself beyond my limits. And sure, I accomplished great things, but at what expense? I couldn’t enjoy them; in fact, I resented them. When what you loved most becomes the thing you come to dread, do yourself a big favor and reprioritize. When giving your energy to your labor of love, don’t lose the love part. It’s really hard to get it back once it’s gone. Believe me, I know.

So anyway, go kick some ass this year. Because you have no choice. And neither do I. 😉

On iTunes: Leeann Rimes, “Leaving’s Not Leaving”

7 Responses to Ghost of Christmas Past

  1. Anonymous :

    Hi Dawn! Keep up the positive thinking. It’s powerful shit.

    Miss you!


  2. Anonymous :

    Yo, Woman! I need your home address!!!! PLease email an old freind so I can send your x-mas gift! Glad to see you back!!!

  3. Anonymous :

    Travelling light is a good thing! Looking back…I have to go with your new found wisdom on this and not look back myself. Happy 2005! groovebunny

  4. Dave Tepper :

    Welcome back, honey! I missed you.

  5. Anonymous :

    Good to see you back, Dawn.


  6. Anonymous :

    Hey baby!! It’s your year to have an incredible year with new and exciting things to do! Take care and send me your address too (along with Ireland-chickie).
    Skippy’s mom in MN

  7. Funkalicious :

    Welcome back!!! (((big, huge hugs)))

    Hope this year is good to you. You deserve it. 🙂