All the stars seem to be dyeing their hair dark, so I hopped on the bandwagon and, as of this afternoon, I am now a brunette, too. Yay $3 package of hair color!

I don’t love it, but alas, the usual red tends to shine through after a coupla weeks, so all will be normal. At which time, of course, I will have decided I loved the hue after all.

My brand-new bathroom rug was a casualty during the mess. Ugh. It WAS hot pink, but it’s got two lovely brown stains on it that will NOT come out. It looks like Maddie wiped her ass on it!

I also lopped off a few inches of length. I read somewhere that cutting one’s hair symbolizes letting go of the past and embracing new beginnings. I’m all for that! The sooner I can forget “the life before,” the happier I will be.

On iTunes: Eagles, “Witchy Woman”

4 Responses to Girliness

  1. Anonymous :

    What did you use to dye your hair? (one of my favourite subjects), Brand? Color?

    Rue from Abraca-Pocus!

  2. Dawn :

    Revlon Colorsilk — it is ASS cheap! I think it’s $2.57 a box. I went for Light Golden Brown. It’s not too bad on me now that I’ve had a few hours to get used to it. 😀

    Normally, I am a fan of Nice ‘n’ Easy — anything in the 110, 114 or 116 line.

  3. Anonymous :

    Oh yeah!
    That product sets nicely after shampooing it a couple times. What, no pic? 😀

    Rue, Abraca-Pocus!

  4. Dawn :

    I’ll think about a pic one of these days. 🙂 At this point, the dark hair is such a contrast to my ghostly pale skin, and worse, it shows that even at 30, I still have the same complexion I did when I was 14. Yikes!